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Corrosion and Composites Headlines, June 18 - 30

June 30, 2016

In order to stay on top of the latest industry news, we’re always scouring the web for articles on corrosion and composites. Here are the interesting articles we found during the second half of June, 2016.


University of Akron shows off corrosion research center
A new research center at the University of Akron aims to address the $400 billion that corrosion costs the U.S. economy each year. And now that it's finished, the school is showing it off to business and government leaders.

Saltwater Reel Protection
How different manufacturers protect vital reel components from salt water.

Combination Coatings Create Infrastructure That Endures
The use of multiple coating processes in tandem can significantly heighten the durability of steel-based infrastructure items such as bridges, making them far more resistant to corrosion-related degradation and extending their projected lifespans.


Evonik working on biodegradable composites for medical implants
German firm is conducting research on new biodegradable composite materials for the fixation of fractured bones that will degrade naturally in the body.

3D Printing Fiber Composites, A Flexible Shaft Machine, Waterjet and More
SLCOM technology allows for the building of composite parts using layer-by-layer laminated thermoplastic composite fabric sheets from a roll. As the first 3D printer employing this technology, the SLCOM 1 will be capable of building objects up to 24” x 30” with a 24” height.

Southern States selects PolyOne’s GlasArmor composite panels
The products protect and camouflage utility substations and other critical facilities and equipment to mitigate physical attacks.

TAZ 6 3D Printer Review: A Powerful Workhorse for Prototyping and Production
Now on its sixth generation, the LulzBot TAZ 6 proves to be a rugged workhorse that is equally versatile and productive. While the TAZ 6 trades aesthetic elegance for industrial utilitarianism, the sacrifices it makes in terms of beauty are made up for in the quality of the prints its produces and the ease with which it produces them.

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