3D Printing Custom Pipe Support Prototypes

June 23, 2016

When a longtime customer from a global engineering firm approached APP with a technical problem, we jumped at the chance to help. Read more about how we worked together to design and 3D-printed a prototype of what will become a new product in the near future.

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3 Types of Loads that are Damaging Your Piping System

June 10, 2016

Loads act on your piping system in many different ways and all of them cause wear and tear over time. The three main types of loading are point loading, distributed loading, and coupled loading. But never fear! These stresses can be reduced or alleviated with pipe supports.

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Protecting your piping investment with one pipe support package

May 03, 2016

Pipe supports are essential elements to maintaining a safe and operational piping system, and will protect the total cost of ownership of your process or utility piping system. The total cost of ownership is a combination of the direct and the indirect costs of your piping installation.

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Pipe supports: Hold down clamps

April 27, 2016

Restraining pipe movement in process systems is key to extending the life of components. Whether they're used to prohibit movement or simply allow controlled movement, hold down clamps succeed where other pipe supports fail.

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Pipe supports: What is a pipe shoe?

April 20, 2016

Pipe shoes are one type of rigid pipe support that provide rest and guidance for pipes. APP manufactures two pipe shoes made of tough, durable, corrosion-resistant composites: ProTek Composite Pipe Shoe and the CryoTek Pipe Shoe.

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What is a Pipe Support?

November 09, 2015

The simple answer is "a thing that transfers the weight of a pipe to a supporting structure," but in order for a pipe support to do its job well, engineers have to consider a lot of factors before picking the right support for the task.

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A Wear Pad by Any Other Name

August 05, 2015

Wear Pads have many different aliases and are referred to by a variety of names. Whether it's a pipe saddle, pipe cradle, a load pad or a pipe isolation pad, they're all wear pads. However, it's important to understand that not all wear pads are created equal.

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