What We're Reading, February 2016

February 29, 2016

In order to stay on top of the latest industry news, we’re always scouring the web for articles on corrosion, composites and pipe supports. Here are some articles that caught our attention in February, 2016.

Composite Advantage Installs FRP Composite Bridge in Canada
FRP was chosen over fiberglass wood decking to be used in restoration of Ottawa’s Minto bridges. In addition to being cost effective, the FRP bridge system offers quick installation.

Boeing Develop Lightest Ever Material
Boeing, in collaboration with Cal Tech and UC Irvine, announced the development of the world’s lightest material. It has a microlattice structure.

Zinc-rich Epoxy Primer Uses Glass Sphere, Zinc Activator to Enhance Corrosion Resistance
An innovative primer coating was developed which offers enhanced material properties.

SpaceX Hyperloop Designs Feature Carbon Fiber
MIT students won the 1st round of the Hyperloop design competition and are now tasked with building a prototype. Their design includes a carbon fiber and polycarbonate composite shell.

“Tailoring” Silk: Hybrid Fibers for Next Generation Implants
Research out of Germany shows potential use for biocompatible, silk-fiber composite materials in medical applications.

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